Dropbox (Cloud storage service)

Best Cloud Storage Service Providers

21/06/2017 lovet 2

The cloud service market is growing rapidly and cloud storage services, in particular, have gained a lot of popularity recently. There is a proliferation of cloud storage providers in the cloud market and is thus very difficult to make the best choice. Here is a list of the best.

Smartwatch sales

Smartwatch Sales And The Best Deals

15/06/2017 lovet 0

Long overshadowed by smartphones, smartwatches have become useful gadgets in their own right. More features and functionalities have made them less dependent on smartphones. Though smartwatch sales are nowhere near that of smartphones, they have steadily growing market.


Increase in Smartphone Users Boosts the Smartphone Market

10/06/2017 lovet 2

Smartphones with increased functionality and performance have become an indispensable tool for many users. Smartphone users make up a large percentage of global mobile phone users which is estimated to about 5 billion by 2019. The fierce battle for market share thus continues.

Android and IOS mobile OS market share

Android and IOS Have a Firm Grip on The Mobile OS market

05/06/2017 lovet 0

Google’s Android and Apple’s IOS in a few years have completely taken over the mobile OS market. The have an overwhelming control over this market with a combined market share of 99.8% as of 2017. For now and the foreseeable future there is no reason to think their reign will end anytime soon.

Best-selling video games ever

Five Best-Selling Video Games Of All Time

31/05/2017 lovet 0

Video games have gone past the early days of just fun and games. They make up a huge market now and some video games, in particular, have had great influence in growing the video games business. These games have sold millions of units worldwide. They are the best-selling video games ever.

Game Consoles (video games industry)

Video Games Industry Revenue

25/05/2017 lovet 0

Video games have developed over time to become a large industry. The video games industry is vast and generates astonishing amounts of money every year with Sony Microsoft and Nintendo being the major beneficiaries. These companies have a firm grip on the gaming market.

Internet Search Engines

Why You Should Rank on All Major Search Engines

18/05/2017 lovet 4

Google does not totally dominate the search market. In countries like China, Russia, Japan and others, Google faces serious competition from home companies. Even in the US Bing and Yahoo! are serious competitors to Google. It is, therefore, good to rank in all major search engines for better visibility.

WordPress Plugins

10 WordPress Plugins to Install For Any WordPress Beginner

12/05/2017 lovet 4

For any WordPress developer, Plugins are the ultimate tools to add any desired functionality to their blog or website. The real power of WordPress in website creation most will agree is in its thousands of plugins and the possibilities they offer. But it can be challenging at times for beginners to pick the best plugins to start out with.