The Cloud Storage Vs Local Storage Problem

Google Drive (cloud storage vs local storage)

There is an increasing need for better data storage and management tools. There are two main data storage methods, cloud storage, and local storage. But there is the cloud storage vs local storage problem faced by many. Local storage of data has dominated for a very long time. But since the advent of cloud computing and cloud storage services, things have not been the same. While cloud storage services provide a number of advantages over local storage, there are still some “dark spots”. Local data storage has its advantages and is still preferred by many. For many people looking to store their data, they face the cloud storage vs local storage problem. Which one to use? which to invest in?. In another time, this would not be a problem, but in our world of cyber insecurity and mistrust, it is a real question.

Cloud storage vs local storage

First, it is important to note that both cloud and local storage have advantages and disadvantages. Whether you choose cloud based storage or local storage is a matter of personal needs. The issue of cloud storage vs local storage is very important as it pushes you to do thorough research on both methods. Though you may choose one, you have a good idea about the other.

Cloud storage

Cloud storage is a huge business for cloud service companies. There are so many cloud computing companies that offer excellent cloud storage services. They have been able to bring forth all the goodness of cloud storage and while everyone should be using it. Cloud storage is largely preferred by businesses and organizations. For individuals though, the cloud storage vs local storage problem is a real headache. Cloud storage services are cheap and most offer some free storage space. But you have no control over where your data is stored or who has access to it. Also, the level of security offered by cloud stored is considered by many to be better than with local storage. But then, you need the internet (most at times fast internet) to access your data. This is one big problem with cloud storage especially in areas with slow or low internet coverage.

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Cloud storage is considered to be more efficient when it comes to sharing data with friends or colleagues. Also, it is better for storing large amounts of data given that most provide automatic file organization. All this makes it easier to work with large amounts of data efficiently. But it is also argued that cloud storage will never beat the flexibility of local storage. Though more difficult to manage, you have total control over your data and can access it anywhere anytime. Whether this is a good thing or not is another question. In any case, the problem of cloud storage vs local storage remains an open one.

Local storage

This method of storing data has stood the test of time and is mostly used in the under developed and developing world. Local storage of data has its advantages in spite of what cloud lovers may say. Local storage is hailed mostly for its privacy and flexibility. Unlike with cloud storage, you have complete control over your data, where it is stored and who has access to it and what happens to it. It is not stored in some remote location where you have only controlled access to it. In the current state of the world, data privacy and security are like brothers that must always be together. Many consider local storage maintain them together more than cloud storage does. However, the extreme flexibility and control offered by local storage are at the expense of security, integrity, and resilience.

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With local storage, you have easy and quick access to your data and require no internet connection to do so. As a price to pay, you have to constantly do backups to avoid loss of data. Also, it is more difficult to share data. This is maybe the biggest problem with local storage. Added to this, local storage can become very expensive with large amounts data. In case of large data, cloud storage may be the best choice. But if there is money, many will still go for local storage. So, the answer to the cloud storage vs local storage problem is not clear.

To conclude

Whether to go for cloud storage or local storage is not an easy decision to make. Your answer to the cloud storage vs local storage problem will largely depend on your needs. Businesses, for example, will prefer cloud storage while most individuals will go for local storage. I think the problem of cloud storage vs local storage is not that important, instead, the real problem is to find a way to make the two work together for your good. Most of the time we need the advantages offered by both.


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