Video Game Consoles Can Do More Than Play Games

Xbox One X (game consoles)

Video games consoles have evolved to become more than just gaming devices. They have become very useful devices with added features. Though consoles are still gaming powerhouses, they have made themselves more useful. Even a hardcore will admit you can not play games 24/7. In the early days (not as long as you might think), game consoles were highly specialized devices. The NES, Game Boy, Sony’s PS 1 and many others at the time were exclusively gaming systems. But with time they have become versatile and have much more features and functions to keep on the entertainment even without gaming. Current generation video game console super video quality to gaming better than ever. But you could exploit this more by watching your favorite movies, play DVD/ Blu-rays and more.

Game Console manufacturers work to give you fewer reasons to put off your console. The more you use it the better. The video game industry is huge and game consoles market is very important thus manufacturers have to add a little more than gaming power to attract consumers. Video game consoles are catching up with the flexibility of PC gaming.

Video game consoles sales

The game consoles market is a “war zone” with manufacturers in a battle for market share. Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft each have several consoles in the market. Video game consoles are sophisticated tech devices -that we know-. Yet, console manufacturers still manage to surprise us with every new console version. They keep getting better with increased processing and graphical power producing extraordinary images. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo release new and innovative products almost every year in an attempt to stay at the top of sales. Though optimized for gaming, which is their primary purpose, game consoles do more.

Infographic: Video Game Consoles Are About More Than Just Gaming | Statista

The chart above from Statista shows how much time US gamers spend doing what on their game consoles. We find that on average, US console owners spend only about 50% of their time playing games on their consoles. It is surprising to see that owners spend more than 30% of their time on consoles watching videos and TV shows.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro (PS4 Pro) has been in the markets since November 2016. The game console has sold over 60 million units since then. Nintendo on its side released a truly innovative hybrid game console early this year. With the Nintendo Switch game console, Nintendo strives to maintain a strong presence in the console market. Nintendo hopes to take down two birds with one stone with its Nintendo Switch. The Switch is a hybrid console, thus can be a complete handheld console as well as home gaming system. The Switch sold 2.74 million units in its first month. With such a system, Nintendo is attacking both the traditional and handheld console market. Microsoft recently presented its newest console at E3. Long time code named Project Scorpio, the new game console is actually named Xbox One X. According to Microsoft, it is the world’s most powerful game console yet.

Other uses of game consoles

One of the most common things people do with their consoles apart from gaming is browsing the internet and video streaming. You can watch videos from youtube and many other video sharing platforms. Being able to access most video on demand and video sharing platforms directly from your console means fewer devices. You can also record, edit and share video or do live streaming or play your Blu-ray/DVD discs. You don’t have to spend extra money for DVD or Blu-ray player.

Most current generation consoles come with enough storage space to store your favorite photos, videos, and music. If you don’t feel as to play games, you can always go through you pictures as well as screenshots from games you’ve played. You can also watch your downloaded or recorded videos. If not, you can play your favorite music playlist as you relax. There are so many things you can be doing on your game console apart from gaming. There are more than enough tricks and tips to keep you busy until you find the next game to play.

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