Google Drive (cloud storage vs local storage)

The Cloud Storage Vs Local Storage Problem

30/08/2017 Lovet 3

Choosing between cloud storage and local storage is not an easy task. It requires thorough research on both to find which is best for your needs. To do this you have to solve the cloud storage vs local storage problem. Which is best? Should you use both?

Atos quantum computer simulator

Atos Quantum And The Universal Quantum Computer

20/07/2017 Lovet 0

Atos is Europe’s response to IBM and Google in the race to quantum machines. Atos’ “Atos quantum” program recently launched its first output, a quantum simulator which it claims is the most performant in the world, being able to simulate up to 40-qubits.

Dropbox (Cloud storage service)

Best Cloud Storage Service Providers

21/06/2017 Lovet 2

The cloud service market is growing rapidly and cloud storage services, in particular, have gained a lot of popularity recently. There is a proliferation of cloud storage providers in the cloud market and is thus very difficult to make the best choice. Here is a list of the best.

IBM 5-qubit Processor (quantum computer)

IBM to Build Worlds First Universal Quantum Computer

20/03/2017 Lovet 2

Unimaginable a few decades ago, quantum computers have made their way through theory to reality. Quantum computing is like a window to the future, hope that one day we may be able to observe the strange quantum behavior of the physical world on a human scale.

technology jobs

Computer Related Tech Jobs that are Here to Stay

28/02/2017 Lovet 0

Technology is progressing at an incredible pace. The increase in automation has led to the extinction of many jobs previously handled by humans and is slowly rendering others obsolete. However, technology is not all bad, it has strengthened and assured future growth for many others.