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Mobile Applications Market Growth And Revenue

10/07/2017 Lovet 0

The mobile apps economy is experiencing rapid growth. They are essential for mobile devices and are the main component of an economy the weighs billions. There is an uncountable number of mobile apps out there generating billions of dollars each year.

Smartwatch sales

Smartwatch Sales And The Best Deals

15/06/2017 Lovet 0

Long overshadowed by smartphones, smartwatches have become useful gadgets in their own right. More features and functionalities have made them less dependent on smartphones. Though smartwatch sales are nowhere near that of smartphones, they have steadily growing market.


Increase in Smartphone Users Boosts the Smartphone Market

10/06/2017 Lovet 2

Smartphones with increased functionality and performance have become an indispensable tool for many users. Smartphone users make up a large percentage of global mobile phone users which is estimated to about 5 billion by 2019. The fierce battle for market share thus continues.

Android and IOS mobile OS market share

Android and IOS Have a Firm Grip on The Mobile OS market

05/06/2017 Lovet 0

Google’s Android and Apple’s IOS in a few years have completely taken over the mobile OS market. The have an overwhelming control over this market with a combined market share of 99.8% as of 2017. For now and the foreseeable future there is no reason to think their reign will end anytime soon.

Western Digital My Passport External Hard Drive

5 External Hard Drives for Ultimate Backup

05/05/2017 Lovet 0

Data backup has never been more important. Today more than ever data is important to people, companies and organisations. We all want to keep our movies, files, music and other data safe and secure. For this, we need the best storage device we can get for the job.

nintendo switch

The Nintendo Switch

25/01/2017 Lovet 0

Nintendo released its new game console the “Nintendo Switch” on January 3, 2017. While pre-orders are on, the official launching date is March 3, 2017. The Nintendo Switch will be a portable console as well as a home game system.