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Dropbox (Cloud storage service)

Local file storage, processing, and backup are fast losing to the cloud. Cloud service providers have increased in the past few years and offer attractive storage services. From music, videos to any other data, everything can be stored in the cloud with ease and assurance. Local storage use to have some advantage on flexibility especially in developing markets. But the expansion and availability of internet connection have solved this problem. Cloud storage service offer better security, flexibility, availability, resilience and more. Both businesses and people are moving their storage to the cloud. The ability to access your data anywhere anytime and on any device is a very big advantage of using the cloud. The global cloud service market is getting more and more competitive, thus we can hope for even better prices in a few years. The user base of cloud services continue to expand as the market itself is growing.

cloud storage service

For some time cloud service price was the main concern for many users. But things have changed a lot with the expanding cloud and IT market. Giants like Amazon, Microsoft, Google control a large part of the cloud service market. Still, many other companies have come up and are determined to have their fair share of the pie. Thus cloud services and specifically cloud storage services are more affordable than ever. Most if not all cloud storage providers offer a certain amount of free storage. But for more storage space and features, you’ll have to go for paid services. Here is a list of cloud storage service providers which according to me are the best out there.



Dropbox is a very flexible, easy to setup and to use cloud storage service. It offers 2GB of free cloud storage which you can increase considerably by referring friends to use the service. If with this you have what you need for your storage and or backup needs (rarely true), fine and good. If not you can always go for the more elaborate paid services which go from US$8.25/month for 1TB to US$12.50/month for 2TB. Dropbox has applications for practically all platforms available. Thus you can manage and work on your data from any device at any time. Dropbox offers great file sharing and synchronization. Dropbox may not offer much on free storage but it is so well rounded that it remains one of the best providers.

Google Drive

Google Drive

With every single Google account, you create you have a free 15GB cloud storage on Google Drive. Google’s cloud storage service is shared across all its services. Google has made a good reputation for its self both as a tech company and with the many other services it offers. Thus its cloud storage service is no different and is a good choice for general purpose file storage and backup. Android users have a little advantage as Android devices come with Google Drive integrated. You may need a bit of time to get used to Google Drive’s user interface. Nonetheless, Google Drive is one of the best cloud storage services out there. If you decide to go for the paid service, it will cost you US$2.00/month for 100GB and US$10.00/month for 1TB.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft Onedrive

Microsoft’s cloud storage service is one the best general purpose cloud storage services around. OneDrive is integrated into Microsoft’s Windows 10 OS and also has apps for Android and IOS devices. OneDrive is very flexible in terms file manipulations, sharing and synchronization. It offers 5GB of free cloud storage which I doubt will be enough for most people. Thus if you decide to go for paid cloud storage on OneDrive, it will cost you US$1.99/month for 50GB. This is less than what Google offers but Microsoft rules the desktop OS market. Thus Integrating OneDrive in its operating system was a good idea. Microsoft OneDrive is an obvious choice for anybody using Windows 10.



SpiderOak is one cloud storage service that claims excellent security measures. It is available o all major platforms, Windows Android, Mac, and IOS. SpiderOak offers 2GB free cloud storage which obviously is nowhere near the need of many people and businesses who decide to use its cloud storage services. You will surely prefer the paid service and this will cause you US$9.00/month for 250GB and US$12.00/month for 1TB. This is more expensive compared to others like Google Drive and Dropbox. But if they are as secure as they claim, then it’s a good choice. These days it is difficult to put a price on security especially for businesses and organizations.

pCloud cloud storage service


pCloud is another cloud storage provider that claims excellent security. pCloud is available on all major platforms, desktop, and mobile. Unlike SpiderOak, pCloud offers a generous 20GB of free cloud storage. This a good volume of storage but will surely not be enough for many. If you need more storage space, it will cause you US$4.99/month for 500GB and US$9.99/month for 2TB of cloud storage. If you are ready to spend a few more dollars, then you can get the pCloud Crypto for extra security. This service allows you individually secure each file.

Mega cloud storage service

Mega is one of the best cloud storage service providers both in security and volume. It claims top security in data transfer between the clients and its servers. It is available on all major platforms, desktop, and mobile. Unlike many of the other cloud storage providers, Mega is very generous in free storage space. Mega offers an insane 50GB of free cloud storage space. This should be enough for most basic users for file storage and backup. If you decide to go for Mega’s paid service anyway, you’ll have to spend €4.99/month for 200GB.


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