Game Consoles (video games industry)

Video Games Industry Revenue

25/05/2017 lovet 0

Video games have developed over time to become a large industry. The video games industry is vast and generates astonishing amounts of money every year with Sony Microsoft and Nintendo being the major beneficiaries. These companies have a firm grip on the gaming market.

Internet Search Engines

Why You Should Rank on All Major Search Engines

18/05/2017 lovet 2

Google does not totally dominate the search market. In countries like China, Russia, Japan and others, Google faces serious competition from home companies. Even in the US Bing and Yahoo! are serious competitors to Google. It is, therefore, good to rank in all major search engines for better visibility.

WordPress Plugins

10 WordPress Plugins to Install For Any WordPress Beginner

12/05/2017 lovet 2

For any WordPress developer, Plugins are the ultimate tools to add any desired functionality to their blog or website. The real power of WordPress in website creation most will agree is in its thousands of plugins and the possibilities they offer. But it can be challenging at times for beginners to pick the best plugins to start out with.

Western Digital My Passport External Hard Drive

5 External Hard Drives for Ultimate Backup

05/05/2017 lovet 0

Data backup has never been more important. Today more than ever data is important to people, companies and organisations. We all want to keep our movies, files, music and other data safe and secure. For this, we need the best storage device we can get for the job.

keyword tool

Powerful Keyword Tools for Better SEO

26/04/2017 lovet 4

Keyword research is a crucial process in search engine optimization. Your keyword determines your content, competition and even your visitors or customers. To get the perfect keyword, you need the perfect keyword tool to help you find it.